Social Skills for Sex and Intimacy is a guided discussion group with the focus of building the skills needed to navigate intimate situations. From learning how to flirt to figuring out consent, social skills are a key component when seeking intimate or sexual partners, and for building and maintaining intimate relationships.

Topic Schedule
January: Flirtation: Rules for Flirty Discussions
February: Healthy Boundaries
March: Adding Romance & Building Intimacy
April: Honesty and Tact
May: How to Flirt (Let’s Practice!)
June: Toxic Relationships
July : Flirtation: Rules for Flirty Discussions
August: Healthy Boundaries
Sept : Adding Romance & Building Intimacy
October: Honesty and Tact
November: How to Flirt (Let’s Practice!)
December: Toxic Relationships
Tickets are by donation, and you can pay at the door.

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