Our Resident Artist is Allison Tunis!

Allison Tunis has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta, and a graduate diploma in Art Therapy from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She works mainly in cross-stitch embroidery, but also explores mixed media involving acrylic painting and gel transfers, and in 2016 she self-published a body positive colouring book entitled Body Love: A Fat Activism Colouring Book. She is passionate about social justice (particularly focused on fat activism and feminism, amongst many other important issues) and using art to help individuals and communities to connect, reflect, heal, and create change. 

Allison is currently the Artist-in-Residence for Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS) working with youth in the Edmonton area to create art in a therapeutic and activist context, as well as volunteering at ASPECC to run a variety of art programs, including the Queer Youth Art Club. She also continues to work on creating her own independent body of work that questions our society’s obsession with the aesthetic and gender stereotypes, while exploring her own struggle with living in a fatphobic world, body image and mental illness.
You can find her at the following links: www.allisontunis.com


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