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The article I have chosen to use is the following

People tend to look for sources that validate their own personal biases. Even if those sources aren’t all that accurate, if they make a person feel more secure in their currently held beliefs, they tend to listen to that source even over more proven or scientific sources. As such when you get people who are uncomfortable with trans people, or were raised to feel that way, they may ignore actual research showing how harmless trans people are in order to justify the beliefs they’ve held for most of their life. As transphobia worsens, articles that paint trans people as predatory, or sick, or anything else like that also increase, which increases the amount of articles people can use to justify their bigotry. Similar things can happen with just about any topic, and sex is far from an exception. Society perpetuates the idea that not being ashamed about sex makes you a pervert at best, and a predator at worst. And there’s plenty of articles that support these claims, although the majority of them have little to no actual research put into them.

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