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Discussion 3: Gender

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    Often when discussions turn towards women’s rights, folks will argue that with equal pay, feminism is no longer needed. Discounted are the discussions around the inequal burden of responsibility in pregnancy prevention, sexual assault preventions, inequal access to birth control, the ongoing battle for less legal interference in bodily autonomy, ”pink tax” and so forth. Women are often still the main caregivers in homes with children; they do most of the mental labour for running a household.
    Also true is women are more likely to be ignored by doctors when reporting serious issues related to heart disease, kidney failure, cancer etc. Medication is rarely designed for women’s bodies. Women are more likely to be denied medical surgeries due to their body size.

    WHY do you think that the conversation still get’s derailed by ”equal pay” arguements?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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