Kink Aware Professionals

Professionals listed here have submitted their information to us as service providers who are aware of alternative lifestyles and are willing to be supportive without judging our sexual interests, activities or relationship styles.  Those with the ♥ before their name have attended our Kink Aware Professionals Training. for more information

Life / Sex Coaching:

Tina Guettler (she/her) is a polyamourous life coach who is currently working on her masters degree in counseling.  Her office is located at ASPECC.  Contact 780-616-8295

♥ Angel Sumka (she/her)  is a cis, queer, kinky sex coach, who is currently working on a masters degree in social justice.  Her office is located at ASPECC. Contact



Whitney Bryant, BHSc., MEd (“she/her/hers”) is an addictions Counsellor with Alberta Health Services at Addictions and Mental Health-Adult Addiction Services Calgary,  3rd Floor, 707-10th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta Email: Tel: 403.367.5044